Bacon and Beer Menu


Bacon & Beer Feed Menu


Roasted dates wrapped with Mangalitsa Hungarian bacon,  drizzled with balsamic vinegar and dusted with Madagascar wild black pepper

Sliders with Mangalitsa sirloin bacon, arugula, bacon & onion jam, apple-smoked sharp cheddar, and served on sourdough slider buns from Stick & Stone Brick Oven Bakery

Headcheese with Duroc pork garlic bacon, pickles and parsley


Burnt bacon end salad with roasted corn, hard-boiled eggs, mixed greens, cilantro and dressed with a chorizo vinegrette (corn bread on the side)


Bacon porchetta featuring whole Mangalitsa pork bellies dry-cured, smoked and then rolled with a stuffing of raisin walnut bread, dates, nuts, herbs and garlic

Italian-style peas with mint and tesa
(dry-cured & dry-aged Italian bacon) 

Smashed potatoes with roasted cauliflower and Piedmontese beef bacon tallow


Dark chocolate & bacon ganache squares with bacon & smoked peanut brittle (from Snowshoe Candy Co.)