Bacon Class Follow-Up

Bacon Class Follow-Up

Thank you so much for joining us for the special bacon class. It is certainly not rocket science, but it is important to be accurate with your measuring, so that things are delicious and safe every time. In general if you want to make your own bacon and ham, you simply need to make your own bacon and ham. Just start doing it and the more you do it the better you will get. Failure is just a chance to learn. 

You will find recipes (just click the names to download) for most of what we covered in class plus a bonus corned beef recipe. I am writing up some specific recipes for pancetta etc. and will add them when done. If you have any questions about the recipes or about anything really, please email me and I will get back to you:



(Click recipe to download)

Basic Dry-Curing

Corned Beef


All-Natural Meat:

If you are looking for some all-natural and/or heritage breed belly to make the most of your new bacon skills, please send me an email or stop by the shop to place an order. We may not have everything on hand, but we can can get it in a few weeks normally. Heritage breed belly $6 per lb., all-natural belly $5 per lb., all-natural pork shoulder $4 per lb. 


If you need any curing supplies you can find most things on Amazon or at Frisco Spices in Omaha. However, we have most of everything too especially curing salt #1, so just email me what you need and we can work something out. (In the fall, we may carry supplies on a regular and retail basis at our shop.)


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