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Welcome to the Omaha Bacon Club.

Thank you for supporting a small local business and the local farmers we work with.

The club is pretty simple:

  • The end of each month, come and pick-up your bacon at our retail shop in Ft. Calhoun, in Omaha at our house, or in Lincoln . 
  • Check this page for exact dates and times and locations of pick-ups each month.
  • If you can't make a month, just come by our retail shop or double up the next month. You won't ever miss out on the bacon you have paid for.


Info / Notes

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June Bacon-of-the-Month: 

Black Crowe Bacon

"Black Crowe" is not a typo. The "Crowe" refers not to a bird but one of Omaha's once most famous and now forgotten outlaws, Pat Crowe. This butcher come criminal fled the city in 1900 with a ransom of $25,000 in gold coins after kidnapping the son of one of Omaha's largest packing house magnates. On the run for 5 years, he finally was tried for the kidnapping. Despite more than 60 state's witnesses, the jury acquitted Mr. Crowe who was all but hailed as a Robin Hood who had put one over on the rich packing house owner.  To read a fascinating (and 27-page) full description from the Nebraska State Historical Society, download PDF here:

As for the bacon, we have made this one up as an original recipe rather then the traditional bacons we normally. This will become our "house bacon" at the shop, but you are the first to get it. It is a dry-cured Duroc pork belly seasoned with black pepper, black coffee, black strap molasses, garlic, and hot pepper. Bacon is smoked over juniper and fruit woods. Will work great for BLT's for the local tomatoes that will be rolling in soon.

Final Pick-Up

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Fri. July 6th
5:30- 8:00 pm
Gifford Park
Farmer's Market
located beside
510 33rd St.
Omaha, NE 68131
(Street parking available on the blocks around the market.)

Ft. Calhoun: 
July 7th
12-5 pm
115 N. 14th St.
Ft. Calhoun, NE 68023
(and anytime during regular hours the following  week)

Sat. July 7th
9-10 am
Orscheln Farm & Home
5640 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE 68507
Look for a Silver Prius in the corner of the parking lot with a black "Omaha Bacon Club" sign on the door.

Make Up Options:

Please come to our retail shop for all make-up pick-ups. Hours are Wednesday 12-8 pm and Thursday, Friday 12-5 pm. 


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Download Full Menu Here

If you are picking up in Omaha or Lincoln and you would like anything from the shop, please download and browse the menu. Then please TEXT (instead of emailing or calling) with your name and what you would like. I will send you a confirmation text. 402-999-1075.