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Welcome to the Omaha Bacon Club.

Thank you for supporting a small local business and the local farmers we work with.

The club is pretty simple:

  • The end of each month, come and pick-up your bacon at our retail shop in Ft. Calhoun, in Omaha at our house or the Gifford Park Farmer's Market, or in Lincoln. 
  • Check this page for exact dates and times and locations of pick-ups each month.
  • Add-Ons are available, but the best and fullest selection is at the shop in Ft. Calhoun and at the Gifford Park Farmer's Market. 
  • If you can't make a month, just come by our retail shop or double up the next month. You won't ever miss out on the bacon you have paid for.



July Bacon-of-the-Month: 
Double-Smoked Maple Cured

Starting with Duroc pork belly, this bacon dry-cured for 7 days with a mix of sea salt and 100% maple sugar made from pure maple syrup.

The slabs were then smoked over a mixture of oak and applewood for 6 hours one day and then another 6 hours the following day over birch wood. 


T-shirts will be available for new members and anyone who is still shirtless. If your size isn't available, I will order it soon and have it for a future Pick-Up.

June Pick-Up

Fri. July 28th & Aug. 4th
5:30- 8:00 pm
Gifford ParkFarmer's Market located beside
510 33rd St.
Omaha, NE 68131

Ft. Calhoun: 
Sat. July 29th
12-5 pm
115 N. 14th St.
Ft. Calhoun, NE 68023
(and anytime during regular hours the next week.)

Sat. July 29th& Aug. 5th
9-10 am
Orscheln Farm & Home
5640 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE 68507
Silver Prius in corner of parking lot with "Omaha Bacon Club" sign.

Make Up Options:

Please come to our retail shop for all make-up pick-ups. Hours are Wednesday 12-8 pm and Thursday, Friday 12-5 pm. If this really doesn't work, we can make private arrangements for picking up at our house at the shop after hours.


Download Full Menu Here

There are usually plenty of add-ons available. Please check for recent menu at the link above.