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Omaha Bacon Club (July - Dec. 2019)

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Omaha Bacon Club (July - Dec. 2019)

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[PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer offering a pick-up option in Omaha. We are about to have our first kid and we will obviously will have less time. Plus there is usually a very low turnout for the Omaha pick-ups in the past. ]

We proudly handcraft traditional dry-cured bacon using only heritage breed pork. And we only smoked over real wood fire. This is the kind of bacon your great-grandparents enjoyed. 

Six times during your subscription (about once a month), you pick-up 2 lbs. of bacon at our butcher shop in Ft. Calhoun or in Lincoln. You get 1 lb. of our regular country and a specialty bacon that changes each month. T-shirt included too.

Read much more about the Omaha Bacon Club here.

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