Belly Class


Belly Class

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Thank you for coming to the class. The links here have the recipes and techniques from the class. If you have any questions now or later, please text Chad @ 402-999-1075 (we avoid emails and voicemails, so we have time to actually work).



  • To buy quality heritage breed pork bellies, or local Piedmontese short plates, it is best to pre-order. Text Chad @ 402-999-1075. To guarantee you have everything in time for your bbq, order about 2 weeks ahead of time.

  • Berkshire and Berkshire-Mangalitsa pork bellies can be custom cut to your liking from the pigs we get every 2 weeks or so. $6.50 per lb. for pieces. or $6 per lb. for whole bellies.

  • Piedmontese beef belly $5 per lb. and about 5 lbs. each.

  • We also sell American Wagyu, ribs, chicken etc. SEE FULL MENU.