Bryant Dairy

Bryant Dairy

For making mozzarella at home, raw milk is a must. And it is the ideal choice all home cheese and yogurt making. In the Omaha area, we highly recommend the Bryant Dairy just outside of Bennington. Russ and Lori are passionate about their holstein cows and milk and are committed to chemical-free, intelligent and ethical farming. In fact, their milk has been ranked as the highest quality in the state for 9 years in a row. 

To start enjoying their milk, you will need to visit their farm in person and bring your own container for the milk (sorry, state regulations). Glass or plastic containers are up to you, but just be sure to bring your own. When you pull off highway 36 into their driveway, please drive slowly (lots of chickens, dogs and cats) past a white trailer on the left and a white house on the left. You will then see the dairy barn directly ahead and the smaller white cinderblock milking house on your left. Park near the milking house and knock on the screen door and head on in. If no one is there, please wait a few minutes. Farmers are rather busy folks.

Days & Hours

Mon., Wed.,
Fri., & Sat.
7:30-10:00 am
4:00-7:00 pm


Raw Whole Milk
$6.50 per gallon

Fresh eggs
$4.50 dozen


Russ and Lori Bryant