Bundle Deals


Bundle Deals

For Retail Week Ending Oct. 28th

These weekly deals are limited and are first-come first-served. Must pick-up within a week of reserving and paying with cash or check is very much appreciated (cards accepted too, but the percentage processing fee does take a bite from our profits). 

Please reserve by text (not phone message or email) or via Facebook. 
You will get a text or Facebook message back as a confirmation. 


wagyu hot dogs.jpg

Dogs and Kraut (2 available)
Just $20 for a $24 value

Get 2 lbs. of 100% Wagyu beef hot dogs and 2 lbs. of naturally-fermented traditional sauerkraut. 

Berkshire Ribeyes.jpg

Berkshire Pork Mixed Bundle (Sold Out)
Just $85 for a $104 value

Featuring some of the finest local pork around from TD Niche Pork in Elkhorn, NE. All cuts and products are from heritage breed Berkshire pork. Includes: 1 lb. Italian sausage, 1 lb. breakfast sausage, 1 lb. Mexican chorizo sausage, 2 lbs. fresh ground pork, 1 small dry-cured ham, 4 ham steaks, 1 small smoked summer sausage, 2 ribeye chops, 2 loin chops, and 1 pack rib tips. 

chicken rack 1.jpg

Best of the Best Nebraska Meat Sampler (Sold Out)
Just $40 for a $49 value

Some of the best cuts from the best local meat producers. From Imperial Wagyu, 1 boneless grade 5-6 ribeye (22+ oz). From TD Niche Pork, 2 bone-in chops from a Mangalitsa-Berkshire cross. And finally from Plum Creek Farms, 1 whole all-natural chicken. 

sous vide ribs.jpg

4 Ribs from 3 Pigs (only 1)
Just $32 for a $39 value

Great ribs from 3 different breeds of heritage breed pork. A full rack of St. Louis cut ribs from Duroc pork. Another full rack of spare ribs from Berkshire pork.  And a final full rack of spare ribs plus a pack of rib tips from a Mangalitsa-Berkshire cross.