Cheese Class Follow-Up

Cheese Class Follow-Up


Thank you so much for joining us for the cheese making class. It is certainly a fun class, but as you saw there is a lot of information. I will say that making cheese successfully at home is quite possible, but not fool proof. There will be good batches and some not-so-good batches. If you want to be a cheese maker, you simply have to make cheese...and some mistakes. Just like anything, the more you do it the better you will get. Failure is just a chance to learn. 

You will find recipes (just click the names to download) for everything we covered in class and information about getting local raw milk. If you have any questions about the recipes or about anything really, please email me and I will get back to you:





Basic Curds


Mozzarella Cheese

Real Ricotta Cheese

Italian Cheesecake

Raw Milk Supplier:

Find out where, when and how to get fresh local raw milk (click here).


If you need any cheese making supplies like real cheese cloth, rennet etc., you can find most things on Amazon or We have most of everything too, so just email me what you need and we can work something out. (In the fall, we may carry supplies on a regular and retail basis at our shop.)


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