Curing & Smoking for PIP

Custom Curing & Smoking

Thank you for supporting Paradise in Progress Farms. It is wonderful to know that there are small-scale farmers like Ben and Michelle taking such great care of their animals. It is my goal to take the exceptional care they show on their farm and extend it to our curing and smoking. We use traditional techniques of dry-curing and cold-smoking. Though these methods take more time and work, it all shows in the final taste and texture. And in a few weeks, you won't have to take my word for it.


The costs for the curing and smoking are priced at $2.50 per pound. We will weigh your pork prior to curing and base the price on the weight. Because we cold-smoke it is important that the meat is cured first. For this reason, we do not offer smoking without curing. If you choose to have your bacon sliced (see form to the right), there will be an additional charge of $1 per pound for the bacon only.


Traditional dry-curing is delicious, but it is not quick. Large legs and shoulders may take as long as 2 weeks to fully cure. We do not smoke every day of the week, so it may be another week until the smoking is complete. So please allow about 3 weeks from the time you complete the form below until your order is ready to be picked up.

Pick Up

You will receive an email and/or phone call to tell you when your order will be ready for pick-up. You may pick-up at our place at 3661 Davenport St. Omaha, NE 68131. Other pick-up locations may be possible too. We can discuss it when your order is finished.


After you make your choices below. I will weigh your meat and start curing. I will send you an invoice as a PDF via email before the curing and smoking is finished. You may pay online and offline via credit card or by check or cash. The invoice will have all the details.

Name *
Phone *
Bacon Flavor *
You may choose 1 or 2 flavors. I will divide your pork belly and cure the pieces separately. If you would like more than 2 different flavors, there is an additional charge of $.50 per pound.
Bacon can be left in whole 1 lb pieces or sliced and packed in 1 lb servings. There is a $1 per pound charge for slicing and packing.
Ham Flavor *
You may choose 1 flavor for each leg or shoulder or roast. We do not divide the cuts provided to us, so if you only have 1 leg, you can only choose 1 flavor. Sorry.