Holiday Meats

Christmas Meats 


Please reserve online here (click the products). This is very busy time of year, so hard to answer the phone or texts right away.



Costs are listed for each product below. Each product varies slightly, so we cannot give exact total costs. All you pay now is $5 per product as a "down payment". The $5 is deducted from the total when you pick-up. 


The smoked chickens are available immediately. Hams and porchetta are out of stock because of Thanksgiving. Next round will be available for pick-up at the shop in Ft. Calhoun Dec. 20th 5-8 pm & 21st and 22nd 12-5 pm. There will also be a pick-up in Omaha Dec. 21st 5:30 -7:00 pm at 3661 Davenport St. Omaha, NE 68131.

Case of 20 Wagyu Beef Burgers

A convenient little box full of exceptional burgers. Case comes with 20 patties, 8oz. each. Vacuum packed 2 patties per pack. Cases will arrive at shop Dec. 20th and must be picked up Dec. 20th - 23rd.

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Dry-Cured Berkshire Hams

All the hams are dry-cured for weeks, glazed with brown sugar and smoked over oak and fruitwoods. Ready to eat. Can be enjoyed cold or hot. All are made from local heritage breed Berkshire pork raised in Elk Creek, NE by TD Niche Pork.  $8 per lb.

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Wagyu Beef Ham

4-5 lb. hams dry-cured just like our pork hams, but made from local all-natural Wagyu beef sirloin (grade 9-10). Hams are coated with black pepper and brown sugar and smoked over a real fire of oak and fruitwoods. Hams are fully cooked and can be enjoyed cold or hot. 

Cost is $12 per lb.

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