Private Classes

Private Classes

Private classes are our most popular option and the best choice for someone who truly wants to learn. I would say that 90% of our classes are private and that about 75% of those are held right in people's homes. No matter the location, prepare to roll up your sleeves. These are hands-on classes and not demos. Nor are the classes meant to be entertainment for dinner parties. We really like to teach those who really like learn. We learn the science of what we are doing and focus on ratios and percentages, so you don't just learn specific recipes, but can go home and explore and create on your own. Classes are meant to be as much inspirational as instructive.  

If you want to schedule a class, please TEXT Chad @ 402-999-1075 to ask a question or schedule.


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Standard Classes

All the standard classes are 3 hours long and are base-priced at $175 for a group of up to 4 people (see costs).

Curing & Smoking

Sourdough Bread

Pizza from Scratch

Natural Pickling & Fermentation

Basic Cheese Making

Ricotta 5 Ways
(page coming soon)

Bacon 5 ways
(page coming soon)

Sausage 5 Ways
(page coming soon)

Sausage Making
(page coming soon)

Sous Vide Cooking
(page coming soon)

Pressure Cookers
(page coming soon)

Flat Breads and Dips
(page coming soon)

Madagascar Cooking
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$195 group of 1-4

This cost is for any of the classes and includes each person up to 4 people, snacks, ingredients and even travel to your house if you choose to have the class in your own kitchen (if within 30 min drive of Midtown or our shop in Ft. Calhoun). 

$25 per extra person

For each person over the 4 included in the original base price of $195, the cost is $25 for each person. 


You may pay with cash, check or card. We ask that you pay the base price of $195 as a deposit, but you can pay for the additional people (see above) or any extras at the time of class also with cash, check or card.

Down payments never expire and you can schedule your class for anytime. Full refunds are given if the class cannot happen or if you are not satisfied. 




Your Kitchen

This is the option most people choose. There is no additional fee for this as long as you live within a 30 drive of our midtown house or Ft. Calhoun shop. We bring all the ingredients and any special equipment you may not have. 

Our Kitchen

Classes for 1-4 people can be held at small our butcher shop in Ft. Calhoun. Meat curing and sausage making classes are good done at the shop, but cooking classes are best at your private home. Our butcher shop is not really set up as a kitchen.

Large Groups

If your kitchen cannot accommodate your large group, space can be rented at various locations for $45-$100. 


Custom Classes

Don't see the class you are looking for or want to focus your curing class more beef instead of pork? Not a problem. We love to customize our classes or work with you to develop a totally new class. If it is something we know well, we will teach it. Depending on the customizations, costs may be more than our standard base price