Member Page July - Dec. 2019

If you cannot make it this week for the Pick-up (or next Monday for Lincoln Members), I highly recommend sending someone else to get it otherwise you will have to wait until Oct. 3rd at the earliest. My wife and are expecting our first child next week, and we are closing the shop for 2 weeks for family time.

Omaha Bacon Club Member Page
July - Dec. 2019

Basic Info

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Welcome to the Omaha Bacon Club.

Thank you for supporting a small local business and the local farmers we work with.

The club is pretty simple:

* About once a month, we make a specialty bacon for the Club members. Note that it is “about” once a month. Sometimes there is a gap of only 3 weeks or so and there may be gaps of about 6 weeks too.

* Over the course of your 6-month membership, you will get 6 lbs. of specialty bacons and 6 lbs. of our regular dry-cured country or traditional bacon.

* You will get an email before each pick-up directing you to this page where you can find the details of dates/times etc.

* If you can't make a pick-up, just come by our butcher shop within a week or so. You won't ever miss out what you have paid for. We are a small butcher shop though and space is at a premium. We can’t hold onto the specialty bacon for more than 2 weeks. If you come after that and bacon is not available, you can have $8 in credit per lb. of bacon to spend on anything at the shop.

* If you have any questions, please TEXT Chad @ 402-999-1075 (instead of emailing or calling).


Specialty Bacon

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Southern Chinese-Style
Tea-Smoked Pork Belly

This is a personal favorite method of smoking. In southern Chine, tea smoking is used for ducks, pork and more. Instead of smoking over smoldering wood, a mixture of tea leaves, sugar, uncooked rice and some Sichuan peppercorns burnt. The result is great red color and touch of caramel flavor from the sugar.

Duroc pork belly is dry-cured for several days and then marinated with garlic, chili, hoisin, fish and soy sauces. Then prior to smoking, the bellies are slowly steamed until tender.

Bacon is fully-cooked and comes as a small slab. Traditionally it is done with the skin on, but we did some skinless as well, so you will have an option for which you prefer when you pick-up as long as we still have both in stock.

For using, the bacon can be easily sliced or cut into small pieces. Can be fried or even grilled briefly. Great on its own as an appetizer or used for a Chinese “BBQ sandwich” with slaw. Perfect for a stir fry or salad or bowl of ramen.

Pick-Up #2

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Ft. Calhoun: 
Thu. Sept. 12th
10-8 pm
Fri-Sat. Sept. 13-14th
10 am-5 pm
115 N. 14th St.
Ft. Calhoun, NE 68023

Mon. Sept. 16th
5:30-6:30 pm
Orscheln Farm & Home
5640 Cornhusker Hwy,
Lincoln, NE 68507

Look for a Silver Prius in the corner of the parking lot.

Make Up Options:
Please come to our retail shop for all make-up pick-ups. Hours are Thursday 10-8 pm and, Friday & Saturday 10-5 pm. 


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Download Full Menu Here

If you are picking up in Omaha or Lincoln and you would like anything from the shop, please download and browse the menu. Then please TEXT (instead of emailing or calling) with your name and what you would like. I will send you a confirmation text. 402-999-1075.