DIY Fresh Cheeses - July 25th

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DIY Fresh Cheeses - July 25th

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July 25th 6-9 pm
Minne Lusa House
2737 Mary St., Omaha, NE

Make raw and pasteurized milk fresh cheeses right at home. Though we will focus on a few specific cheeses, the skills will help you make dozens of other cheeses with similar techniques. We will make quick and easy whole milk ricotta and paneer and learn various ways to use them. Using heavy cream, we will simple and delicious mascarpone (Italian cream cheese). Then we will up the skill set and make mozzarella with fresh raw milk. And finally, also using raw milk, we will make tender creamy fromage blanc (photo). This immensely versatile cheese takes time but very little work.

Note: Though we won't be using goat milk, we will discuss how to use it.

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