Grill Class #3: Ribs - Aug. 5th

Ribs with slaw.jpg
Ribs with slaw.jpg

Grill Class #3: Ribs - Aug. 5th


Aug. 5th 6-8 pm
The Garden Gallery
2721 North 206th Street
Elkhorn, NE 68022

Sometimes cooking shows and BBQ competitions make it seem like there is great art and mystery to cooking amazing ribs. There may be a little art, but it is more about understanding the science of tough collagen-rich cuts like ribs. We will learn the tips and techniques while making classic smoked spare ribs that start in the smoker, cook to tenderness in the oven and then are seared on the grill. Then with meatier St. Louis cut ribs, we will make ginger and hoisin glazed ribs by roasting in the oven first and searing on the grill to finish. And finally we will use a pressure cooker and a grill together to make incredibly tender, but crispy ribs with chimichurra sauce.

Note: This is the 3rd of a series of 3 grilling classes this summer at the Garden Gallery.

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