Oktoberfest…Amish-Style (sort of)
Oct. 28th 12-2 pm

Ft. Atkinson State
Historical Park
201 S 7th St.
Fort Calhoun,
NE 68023

$35 per person

For this 3rd Annual Oktoberfest, we are going Amish-style (with the “small” exceptions of holding it on a Sunday and serving alcohol). I grew up in Amish & Mennonite country in Central Pennsylvania and my Grandfather was raised Old Order (horse and buggy) Mennonite. These Amish twists on German food are traditional & common fare for holidays and Sunday dinners. To wash everything down, local craft beers will be available for purchase from Too Far North.

kraut and weisswurst (2).jpg

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Limited to just 40 people. Must reserve online. 


Appetizers: Ham salad sliders, kettle-cooked chips, lime pickles, Wagyu beef Lebanon bologna, cheddar cheese, and horseradish.

Main: Sides of creamed celery, baked corn pudding and chow chow salad and featuring a main course of beef slippery pot pie, a very hearty dumpling stew of braised Wagyu beef, thick handmade noodles, potatoes and sweet onions.

Dessert: Shoo-fly pie and sweet cream frozen custard.