What is it?

NOTE: Current July - Dec. 2018 Subscription is Closed.
New Members for the Jan. - June 2019 Subscription can join online
starting on Thanksgiving.


Simply put, it is a bacon-of-the-month club. The end of each month, you pick up your bacon in either Omaha, Ft. Calhoun or Lincoln. (Sorry, we do not ship.)

Members get real, traditional country bacon made with heritage breed Duroc pork belly and other specialty bacons made with heritage breed Berkshire, red wattle and Duroc.

We use dry-curing and real wood to make traditional bacon. If it is not some of the best bacon you have every had, we will gladly give you all your money back. 


$120 Ft. Calhoun
$128 Omaha
$136 Lincoln

All Memberships are for 2 lbs. a month. Members get 1 lb. of country bacon each month and 1 specialty bacon that changes each month. 

There are 2 subscription periods each year: Jan-June and July-Dec. You pick-up the bacon the last week of the month in Ft. Calhoun, Omaha or Lincoln. Costs are slightly higher for Omaha and Lincoln pick-ups, because of the extra work, time and driving involved.

If you miss a month, you can simply get it later. You will always get all the bacon you paid for.  

All membership levels include a t-shirt too. 


Members get 1 lb. of country bacon each month and 1 lb. of specialty bacon that changes each month.

The country bacon always comes sliced, but the special bacons are sometimes sliced and sometimes a slab or lardons (pieces). The specialty bacons come with cooking tips and recipes.

With very few exceptions, we dry-cure our bacons (occasionally, we brine the leaner loins). This results in drier more flavorful bacon that is not full of water. It doesn't shrink into nothing like regular bacon and is at its best fried like a ham steak not


First and foremost, we want our pork to be ethically, intelligently and naturally raised by farmers who take great pride in their animals.

We only use quality heritage breed pork and are proud to partner with TD Niche Pork in Elk Creek, NE for their Berkshire and red wattle pigs that feature in many of our specialty bacons-of-the-month. 

We also proudly work with Truebridge Foods and their heritage breed Duroc pigs for our standard dry-cured country bacon.