Fermentation/Canning Class

Canning & Fermentation

Growing up in central Pennsylvania where pickles are somewhere between sport and religion, I have a special affinity for fermenting and canning. But most of us, no matter where we are from, probably have fond memories of a grandmother's canned peaches or a mother's pickles.

By learning how to can and pickle, you can help keep these traditions alive and pass on those memories to the next generation as well.

This class focuses on how to properly and safely preserve foods using boiling water bath canning and pressure canning.

But we will also learn the more traditional method of food preservation, fermentation. This includes not just classic sauerkraut and dill pickles (both without vinegar), but also kumbucha and kimchi, kefir and more. 

If you already know how to can and only want to learn the mysteries of natural fermentation, you may take a 1.5 hour version that leaves out the canning. Likewise, if you dream of canning your garden's tomatoes, but don't quite like the idea of fermented cucumbers and cabbage, you may choose only the canning portion. 

Class Will Include:
Science and history of fermentation
Traditional lacto-fermentation
Modern pickling
Food safety
Boiling water bath canning
Pressure canning
and more… 

Please contact us if you have any questions. If you already know you would like learn about fermentation and canning, you may register here 


Photos of some of the products we can learn in class. All photos are of actual food made by us. (All photos property of Chad Lebo.)

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Private Classes 
(Schedule anytime and priced per group)

Both Canning and Fermentation (3 hours)
1-4 Students $150 total
5-10 Students $300 total

Only Canning or Fermentation (1.5 hours)
1-4 Students $75 total
5-10 Students $150 total

Open-Enrollment Classes
Both Canning and Fermentation (3 hours)
$30 per Student

Only Canning or Fermentation (1.5 hours)
$15 per Student

(prices valid until 12/31/14)


Classes are held in our house in Midtown Omaha, but it is also possible to use your kitchen (additional fee of $15 per class).


Each class is between 2.5-3 hours and includes practical instruction and sampling and food science and even a little food history.


All equipment and ingredients provided.