Pizza from Scratch

Pizza from Scratch

Pizza delivery may be quick and easy, but nothing beats pizza made from scratch right in your own kitchen.

This 3 hour class goes way beyond throwing shredded cheese on some store bought crust. We will start class with raw milk, fresh tomatoes and flour and end with mozzarella melting over homemade sauce and a crispy sourdough crust.  

We will cover specific recipes, but also learn the basics of making fresh cheeses and sourdough breads. 

This class has a lot to do and learn, but it is also quite fun and is perfect for a party.








Class Includes:

Basic cheese science/history
Basic sourdough science/history
Sourdough pizza crusts
Fresh tomato sauce

Photos of some of the products we will learn to make in class. All photos are of  actual food made by us (photos property of Chad Lebo).