Smoked Chickens

Smoked Chickens

Add a smoked chicken to your holiday table this year. Just reserve quickly though. These are very limited (just 8).

These all-natural chickens have been brined for 24 hours with sea salt, garlic, thyme, paprika, light brown sugar and a touch of Korean red pepper flakes. After brining, they were cold-smoked for 8 hours over local apricot and burr oak woods.

They are smoked, but not fully cooked. You can simply use your favorite method for roasting a chicken to finish for the table. Each chicken comes with a small container of compound butter made with curry bacon, garlic and butter. Use it to baste while baking or mix with the smoky pan drippings to make a sauce or gravy. 

These chickens come from several local farms. All are free-range pasture-raised and fed all-natural diets. We have 1 small personal-sized chicken from Darby Springs Farm ($4 per lb.). Two medium heritage breed Delaware cockerels from Al-Be Farms ($6.50 per lb.). And 5 large family-sized hens from a small farmstead in Missouri Valley ($4 per lb.). 

Use the reservation form to see the exact sizes and prices. You may pay at the time of pick-up. Available at our shop anytime during our regular retail hours or at our house near Midtown Dec. 21st from 5-8 pm. 

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