Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread

The Egyptians may have started sourdough bread 3,500 years ago, but you can keep the tradition alive in your own kitchen today.

Sourdough is the original and traditional way of making leavened bread. Our class will cover the clever chemistry and physics that allow flour, water, wild yeast and bacteria to transform into delicious chewy bread.

The class focuses on making a rustic French style bread, pizza crust and pita bread, but we will learn basic techniques and ratios and tips that help you in all your bread baking weather it is using sourdough or commercial yeast. 

We will also learn how to capture and care for your own wild yeast culture. And you will leave the class with a dough to take home and bake and a sourdough culture, so you can make many, many more. 








Class Includes:

Basic bread baking techniques
Weighing vs volume
Ratios vs recipes
Pizza crust
Pita bread
Kneaded bread
Sandwich-style bread
Rising and proofing
Capturing and cultivating wild yeast
Sourdough bread and starter storage
Crust and crumb development
Advantages of steam baking
and more…

Photos of some of the products we will learn to make in class. All photos are of  actual food made by us (photos property of Chad Lebo).