Cheddar Cheese

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Smoked Bandage Wrapped Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese made with Pasture-Raised Raw Milk

Some people bring back souvenir t-shirts or mugs from vacation; I brought back over 100 lbs. of 4 year-aged extra sharp cheddar cheese. Over Christmas, I spent some time back in Pennsylvania where I grew up. Mark is a friend and Old Order (horse & buggy) Mennonite who raises cows on pasture and makes cheese right on the farm. This strong cheese is extra sharp and has a touch of grassiness from the pasture-raised milk. We took the 4 year old cheese and cold-smoked it for 4 hours over apple and black walnut woods. Cheese is then wrapped with butter muslin and coated with rosemary garlic lard before being aged for 2 months. 

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Cost is $15 per lb. and will come vacuum packed in approximately 1 lb. pieces. Even if you reserve 3 lbs., you will get 3 roughly 1 lb. pieces. Each pack will be weighed and priced to the hundredth of the pound.