Wagyu Feed Menu


Wagyu Feed Menu

1st Course

Wagyu nigiri sushi of hard-seared beef strips over rice with black walnut vinegar

Bavarian Weisswurst on fresh pretzel with
sweet German mustard

Melon wrapped with slices of Italian dry-aged Bresaola made from beef heart

Seared pieces of tenderloin chain with course salt

Sourdough toast with bone marrow butter

2nd Course

Charred kebabs with Argentinian chimichurri sauce and traditional peanut & tomato sauce from Madagascar

Madagascar carrot & shallot salad

3rd Course

Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich with roasted short ribs & shank, country beef pâté, and pickled vegetables

Seaweed salad

4th Course

Seared steak confit of bottom round cooked in a confit of aged fat, rosemary & garlic

Creamy polenta with olive oil and lemon

Salad greens with black walnut vinaigrette

5th Course

Fig & Mincemeat “Pie-Fait”

Chocolate Pudding made with natural gelatin
rendered from the Wagyu