Whole Pigs

Still partly under construction. But what you see is current and active.

Whole & Half Pigs

Get the pig you want, cut how you want and save a few bucks in the process. Order local heritage breed pigs by the whole or half. Pigs are priced per lb. (hanging weight) and processing is a flat fee. If you want to do all the processing yourself, that is just fine too for half and whole pigs. You can either purchase the pig through us directly from the farmer. Or, you can also take a private class in Processing/Fabrication and cut, cure, grind and pack the pig at our shop together with us. Just $500 total for a group of up to 4 people for the 12+ hour class (over 2 days) plus the cost of the 1/2 or whole pig you would like to use. We can also start with at the farm with a live pig and also learn slaughtering for an additional $200.

Online ordering coming soon, but for now please text me and I will call you back to work out all the details.

Pick the Pig


$2.76 per lb. (hanging weight)

whole (about 190 lbs) = $524

1/2 (about 95 lbs) = $262

Characteristics: Possibly the best all-around heritage breed pig. Great marbling, darker meat with superb flavor, and soft tender fat. 

Notes: Raised on dirt (non-confinement) by TD Niche Pork in Elk Creek, NE. Pork only available without skin. You can order Berkshires in any portion without waiting, since we get these pigs for use in the shop about every 2 weeks.  

Berkshire-Mangalitsa Cross

$3.41 per lb. (hanging weight)

whole (about 190 lbs) = $647

1/2 (about 95 lbs) = $324

Characteristics: 100% Mangalitsas are renowned for their buttery succulent fat and tenderness. However, the fat to meat ratio in the purebred pigs is too much for most folks and the yield can be quite low. This cross with a Berkshire has the fantastic quality of fat and marbling but without as much quantity.  

Notes: Pig is 50% Berkshire and and 25% Mangalitsa. Depending on the pig, the other 25% can be Duroc or Kune Kune or another heritage breed. Raised on dirt (non-confinement) by TD Niche Pork in Elk Creek, NE. Pork only available without skin. 


$2.76 per lb. (hanging weight)

whole (about 190 lbs) = $524

1/2 (about 95 lbs) = $262

Characteristics: A leaner heritage breed pig that still has better marbling and flavor than any commercial pork.  

Notes: Raised by Truebridge Foods on various regional family farms. We do not have these pigs in the shop on a regular basis. We can order these as whole or 1/2 pigs and get them delivered within 10 days. However, if you would like a 1/4 pig, you will have to wait until someone else orders another 1/4. 

Pick the Processing

Processing is a flat fee by the portion of the pig and not per lb. When you order a pig, we will work out together the exact cuts and flavors etc. Because of the extra work and time involved in making bacon, ham and sausage, there is an additional charge if you would like a lot of cured meats or sausages. And on the opposite end, if you would like the pig entirely fresh (no curing or sausage) there is a 15% savings.


Little bit o' everything.

A great general mix. Lots of fresh chops, some fresh roasts, hams, bacon, options for ground pork (fresh), sausage or pulled pork.

whole = $400

1/2 = $250



I'll take it from here.

Perfect for cooks. Get everything fresh and prepare it the way you like. Loin can be cut as chops and/or roasts. Fresh ham roasts. Pork belly and ground pork. Save 15% over regular processing.

whole = $340

1/2 = $212


Bringing home the bacon.

We can pretty much cure any part of the pig. If you want a whole lot of bacon and ham, we will oblige. In addition to the regular hams (back leg) and bacon (belly), you can have shoulder bacon/ham, English bacon, cottage bacon, sirloin bacon. 

whole = $460

1/2 = $287


Did someone say sausage?

The normal "Mixed" processing gets you about 30 lbs. of sausage for a whole pig and we make 1 style/flavor os sausage that is cased/linked and 1 style/flavor that is bulk/uncased. Choose the "sausage" processing if you would like more kinds or pounds of sausage. 

whole = $460

1/2 = $287