Our Mission

Don't just buy local;
Make it local.

And by "local", we mean your house. The next time you have a dinner party and put out some herbed cheese, it can be your cheese. The next time you fry up some bacon and eggs, it can be your bacon. Your smoked salmon. Your dill pickles. Your food. Made in your house with your hands. 

Food traditions have been dying since the industrialization of food more than 100 years ago. We want to keep food traditions alive and we want you to help us.

There may be an endless array of cooking shows on television, but there are still some things best to learn in person. Our private cooking lessons allow you the most hands-on way to learn not just recipes but also truly understand the history and science of traditional food.

About Us 

From Mennonite to Madagascar to the Mid-West

Growing up in central Pennsylvania (where grocery stores have entire aisles dedicated to pickles) meant being surrounded by good food. Good simple food. My Mennonite ancestors, ending with my grandfather, grew up on farms making everything from ham, cheese, sauerkraut, jams, bread, pickles, bacon, scrapple and everything in between. 

Some of these traditions carried through my parents' generation, but meat curing, cheese making and natural pickling did give way to store-bought hams and cheeses and quick vinegar pickling.  

In 2008, my wife and I moved to Africa. For over 5 years, I lived in Madagascar volunteering and working with the Malagasy Red Cross and several children's shelters. 

While there is amazing food in Madagascar, there is a frightening and unacceptable lack of bacon. With no options, I began curing and smoking my own bacon. I also started making cheeses and traditional sauerkraut and other natural pickles. 

In 2013, we moved to the mid-west and while continuing my ancestor's Mennonite traditions I am also learning and producing other traditional foods, everything from kimchi to pâs.   


Other Work

Madagascar Chocolate

We also proudly work with Madecasse Chocolates from Madagascar. We develop the new flavors and bars for this incredible Fair for Life certified chocolate company. They are the only international chocolate company that sources and produces their bar completely on the Great Red Island, bean-to-bar in Madagascar. This results in 4x the economic impact of fair trade. They are also one of the few companies using heirloom criolla cocoa. These heirloom varieties represent less than 5% of the world's cocoa production and they create a rare and complex chocolate. 

Try the 2 new holiday flavors we helped create: winter spice and peppermint with nutmeg.  The chocolate is locally available at Whole Foods.