Hidden Pantry

Our Hidden Pantry columns appear in Inspired Living Omaha magazine published by the Omaha World Herald. We do the writing, the recipes and the photography for all the columns. And the "we" is referring to the dog and I. 

January 2018

Local Food for Thought

Recipes include seared pork chop with apple sauce and a blueberry & walnut bread pudding with caramel sauce. Everything is made using local ingredients. CLICK TO VIEW

Novomber 2017

Easy Peasy Lemon Feasty

Let lemons lighten up the holiday meal. Recipes include lemon & garlic & rosemary brined turkey and a blueberry & lemon zest chutney. CLICK TO VIEW

September 2017

Confit Basics

Low, slow and a whole lot of lard. Recipes cover basic confit technique, barbecue confit, using confit to make rillette, and seared confit over salad with mustard dressing. All the recipes work for dark meat poultry and game birds like pheasant and duck. CLICK TO VIEW

July 2017

3 Wordly Delights

Sandwiches from around the world. Recipes include France's fancy and delectable croque monsieur; an Elena Ruz from Cuba that features a wonderful but surprising combo of turkey, cream cheese and strawberries; and a French-inspired sandwich from Madagascar, the mofo salade composée. CLICK TO VIEW

May 2017

Cabbage & Cato

A man, a vegetable, a love story. Recipes include salt & mustard crusted pork loin sandwich with cabbage pepper slaw, ginger pickled cabbage hearts, and a savory cabbage & apple tart with rosemary. CLICK TO VIEW

March 2017

Pan Sauces

Simple and speedy sauces straight from the cooking pan. Recipes include general pan sauce techniques, seared beef roast with Cumberland-style cranberry pan sauce, roasted chicken thighs with caper & Dijon pan sauce, and crispy pound cake with a bourbon & fig sauce. CLICK TO VIEW

January 2017

More than Just a Condiment

Jams, jellies can offer splash of color and taste to your menus. Recipes include torti di ricotta (Italian cheesecake) with a balsamic jam sauce, savory onion bacon jam, fried goat cheese salad with a jam-based vinaigrette dressing, and tips on assembling a good charcuterie board.  CLICK TO VIEW