Private Classes


Private Classes

Private classes are intended for those who truly want to learn. These are hands-on classes and not demos. Apologies, but they are not meant to be private catering or entertainment for dinner parties. We learn the science of what we are doing and focus on ratios and percentages, so you don't just learn specific recipes, but can go home and explore and create on your own.

To ask a question or schedule a class, please TEXT Chad @ 402-999-1075.


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Standard Classes

These are 3 hours long and can be tweaked and customized to your liking. Because of the extra prep though, classes cannot generally be combined into a single 3-hour class.

Basic Meat Curing
Focusing on traditional dry-curing, we will learn the science and techniques of making bacon, ham, corned beef and cured/smoked fish. We will also talk about how best to smoke cured meats. (Brine curing can also be taught if desired).

Bacon Curing
Similar to the Basic Meat Curing class (above), but we will focus completely on bacon. We will cover various international traditional bacons that use various cuts of meat and techniques.

Advanced Dry-Aged Charcuterie
This class is an introduction to dry-aged whole-muscle charcuterie. We will learn bresaola, lomo and coppa. Students for this class must have previous experience with making cured bacons and hams etc. or have already taken our Basic Meat Curing Class.

Basic Fresh Sausage Making
Learn the techniques and science of basic fresh sausages while making a bulk sausage (unstuffed) of your choose and a cased sausage (stuffed) like a brat or Italian etc. Also includes how to cook natural sausages.

Advanced Sausage Making
Moving beyond basic fresh sausages, this class will cover advanced techniques by making proper traditional Polish kielbasa, German weisswurst and summer sausage. Students for this class must have previous experience with making fresh sausage or have already taken our Basic Fresh Sausage Class.

Steak & Sauces
Learn to make perfect seared yet tender & juicy steaks. Will cover pan searing, reverse searing, oven finishing, skillet vs. grill, salting, drying, etc. We will cook and enjoy a a variety of cuts and meats: a thicker Wagyu beef steak, a bone-in heritage breed pork chop, and a thin pork shoulder steak. We will also make a different easy but elegant pan sauce with each steak.

Roasts & Sauces
Learn to make juicy perfectly cooked roasts. Will cover searing, reverse searing, oven cooking, low & slow vs. high & fast, salting, drying, etc. We will cook and enjoy a variety of cuts and meats: a rare seared beef roast, a slow-cooked beef “pot roast”, and a seared pork roast. We will also make several easy but elegant sauces.

Chicken & Sauces
Learn to develop great flavors and textures while cooking a whole chicken and various cuts. We will use the oven, the skillet and the broiler and/or grill. Class includes salting and seasoning with both dry-rubs and brines. We will also make several easy but elegant sauces.

DIY Ricotta Cheese & How to Use it
Learn to make various versions of ricotta cheese: creamy, crumbly, aged, savory vs. sweet. We also prepare several dishes from appetizers to mains using the cheeses we make.

DIY Bacon & How to Use it
Learn to make basic dry-cured bacon at home. We also prepare several dishes using the bacon from appetizers to mains, and even a dessert!

Natural Fermentation
Learn the science and techniques of natural lacto-fermentation while making sauerkraut, cucumber pickles slaw, salsa and hot sauce.



$250 group of 1-4

This cost is for any of the classes and includes each person up to 4 people, snacks, ingredients and even travel to your house if you choose to have the class in your own kitchen (if within 30 min drive of Midtown or our shop in Ft. Calhoun). 

$30 per extra person

For each person over the 4 included in the original base price of $195, the cost is $25 for each person. 


You may pay with cash, check or card at the time of class. No down payment required. Cash or check preferred, but cards also accepted.

If you have a gift certificate, they never expire and you can schedule your class for anytime. Full refunds are given if the class cannot happen or if you are not satisfied. The gift certificate can also just be redeemed at our butcher shop for any of our steaks, sausage, bacon etc.

Custom Classes

Don't see the class you are looking for or want to focus your curing class more beef instead of pork? Not a problem. We love to customize our classes or work with you to develop a totally new class. If it is something we know well, we will teach it. Depending on the customizations, costs may be more than our standard base price.




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Your Kitchen

This is the option most people choose. There is no additional fee for this as long as you live within a 30 drive of the butcher shop in Ft. Calhoun or home near midtown Omaha. We bring all the ingredients and any special equipment you may not have. 

Our Butcher Shop

Classes for 1-4 people can be held at our small butcher shop in Ft. Calhoun. Meat curing and sausage making classes are good at the shop, but cooking classes are really only possible at your private home. Our butcher shop is not set up as a kitchen.