Curing & Smoking

Curing & Smoking

From the time pigs arrived to the United States in 1539 with Hernando de Soto until the mid-20th century, curing and smoking ham was a traditional activity on many American farms. You can keep this now-dying tradition alive by dry curing and cold smoking your own ham and bacon.

But smoking is about more than just pork. We will learn about beef, fowl, vegetables, fish, herbs and spices and even water. 

This class is not only a good introduction, but it is also good for those who can already smoke mouthwatering ribs and briskets but who have never done any curing. And don't worry about having to buy a smoker; almost any grill can be turned into a smoker.  

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Class Includes:

Science of curing and smoking
Tradition and history
Cold smoking vs hot smoking
Dry curing vs brining
Cured and Smoked Fish
Corned beef
Soft vs hard cures
Smoking over more than wood
Various kinds of smokers
Using a grill as a smoker
Nitrates and nitrites
and more…

Photos of products we can learn in class. All photos are of actual food made by us. 
(All photos property of Chad Lebo.)

Register for Class

Private Classes 
1-4 Students $150 total
5-10 Students $300 total
11+ Students $300 + $25 per extra student

Public Classes
Averages $40-60 per student depending on the class

Classes for 1-10 people can be held at our house in Midtown Omaha or our commercial kitchen in Ft. Calhoun for no additional charge. It is also possible to have the class right in your own kitchen or facility for an additional fee of $20 per class for travel, setup etc. (slightly more if beyond a 30 minute drive of your house near Midtown). For larger classes with more than 10 students, space can be rented for $45-$100 plus the $20 for travel, setup ect. If your kitchen can accommodate the students, the class can be at your house for the normal additional fee of $20.

Each class is about 3 hours and includes practical instruction, sampling, food science and even a little food history.

Food and Drink
Various food samples will be provided during class from our house-made meats and cheeses and more. Tea and other drinks are available. You are more than welcome to bring wine or beer along to enjoy as well. 

All equipment and ingredients provided.