Gift Ideas

Christmas, birthdays...any day. We have gift certificates available for all these options. Fill your cart. Pay online. Download and print a gift certificate and you are pretty much good to go. 

General Gift Certificate
from 25.00

This gift certificate is pretty much good for anything and everything we offer. It can be used for bacon, holiday hams, private or public cooking classes, Omaha Bacon Club memberships, custom curing...etc.

We will just start a tab and they can come to the shop to redeem their gift or order something online or swing by a farmer's market. 

No expiration dates or funny business. 

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Omaha Bacon Club
from 120.00

We proudly handcraft traditional dry-cured bacon using only heritage breed pork. And we only smoked over real wood fire. This is the kind of bacon your great-grandparents enjoyed. 

Once a month, you pick-up 2 lbs. of bacon in Ft. Calhoun, Omaha or Lincoln. You get 1 lb. of our regular country and a specialty bacon that changes each month. T-shirt included too.

Membership periods run from July-Dec. and Jan.-June. This means if you join before the end of July, you get your bacon July-Dec. You cannot join in the middle of a period. Sorry, but this is the only way we can keep the club managable and the size of the club predictable each month.

Read much more about the Omaha Bacon Club here.

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Public Cooking Class Gift Certificate
from 50.00

Each month, we try and hold 3-5 cooking classes open to the public. This gift certificate can be used for 1 person to attend either 1, 2 or 3 public classes alone. Or a certificate could be used for 1, 2, or 3 people to attend the same public class as a group. 

The gift certificate is only good for our public classes that cost $60 or less per person, but that is pretty much all of our classes. 

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Private Cooking Class
from 150.00

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The base price for a private class is $175 for a group of 1-4 students (cost is for the entire group and not per person). Each additional student is just $25 per person. All the classes are 3 hours long and can be held right in your own kitchen, at our home near Midtown Omaha or our commercial kitchen in Ft. Calhoun. 

Read more about our classes here.

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